Products: YaraMila Complex

What is YaraMila Complex?

YaraMila Complex is a complete, balanced package of plant nutrients presented in an easy-to-handle prilled form. All the nutrients in YaraMila Complex are present in equal quantities in every prill, so there is no risk of uneven application or segregation. As a result, crop growth is more uniform.

Why choose YaraMila Complex?

YaraMila Complex contains all the major plant nutrients and four of the main trace elements needed for healthy crop growth. The nitrogen content of YaraMila Complex is a combination of nitrate for rapid plant uptake and ammonium for a more sustained supply. Sixty-five percent of the phosphorus is in the water-soluble form and so is immediately available for the crop; the remainder dissolves slowly to deliver a longer response. The magnesium in YaraMila Complex is in the water-soluble form of kieserite, which is rapidly made available for uptake by plants.

YaraMila Complex is a Fertmark-registered product, giving you assurance that what's on the label is what's in the bag.

Technical specifications

Nitrogen (N) 12.4%
            of which nitrate N 4.9%
            and ammonium N
Phosphorus 5.2%
          water-soluble P 65%
Potassium 14.7%
Sulphur 8.0%

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